My first attempt at making pear desserts

Growing up, I always associated pears with fruit salad and nothing else.

6/9/20211 min read

It took me a long while to learn to love pears. While my parents were able to fool me to finishing my fruit salad at Christmas, for many years I left the fruit firmly on Trader Joe’s shelves. I didn’t know really how to cook peares or how to use them in desserts, but last month I finally had a revelation that would change everything. 

As many of you know, my sister is a qualified baker and according to hear, pears have been the dessert fruit over the last few months. She created a couple of pear dishes at work and roped me into trying the pear tarts out on my day off. She confronted me with the question ‘No, really, why don’t you like pears?’ and got me thinking. I didn’t even remember what pears tasted like! Unarmed, the next thing I knew a beautiful slice of pear tart was sitting on my plate, next to my latte. I’m glad she made me try it, though, because my world has changed as a result and I’ve ventured into having a go at creating my own pear desserts. Fancy that, huh?